Combines traditional craft methods with cutting edge technology to produce quality craft products that entertain and educate children across the world.
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Self-contained EVA Foam DIY Fridge Magnet Kits

Children create their fridge magnet with NO MESS.

Download the FREE APP on smartphone, tablet or ipad.

Scan their finished fridge magnet with the device camera.

Be surprised by awesome augmented reality, fun animation and cool sound effects.


Our DIY craft kits for kids combine traditional craft methods with innovative technology to EDUCATE and ENTERTAIN children. Hands on craft with the bonus of smart phone technology is the perfect combination for today’s tech savvy children.

Our craft kits for kids are self-contained, the children simply follow the instructions to create their Fridge Magnet. Once they have finished making their fridge magnet, they download the FREE Create Smart Craft App on a smartphone, tablet or ipad. Using the device camera the children scan their finished fridge magnet which triggers fun animation and cool sound effects on the smart device.

Individual purchases can be made online at or for wholesale and customised solutions contact